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About Naja

Naja believes in creating a classic style of make-up and photography for the realistic man or woman!

Naja Alston is an accomplished and creative makeup artist with experience in all aspects of media makeup: fashion, video and print. Her training and education, along with her affable personality provides her clients with a dependable, detail-oriented, and multi-faceted professional to add to the success of the creative team of any project, within the production budget and schedule, regardless of the nature, scope or location.

Whether her responsibilities take her on location to a motion picture set, television studio, video session or to a photographic makeup shoot for a catalogue, Naja displays her mastery for creating the right look, a "flawless on film" look, whether by artistry techniques, beautiful skin tones, breath-taking shading or coordinating exquisite colors always with the needs, goals and objective of the project foremost in her presentation.


Naja has always had an increasing love for make-up and everything related to beauty. Naja was born in Rocky Mount, NC and raised in Atlanta, Ga. where she developed an interest in make-up at a young age. At 16 years old, she pursued her interest by arching eyebrows in a neighborhood nail salon and by the age of 18 she was providing make-up services for several businesses. In 2007 is when she decided to pursue make-up artistry as a career. She began free-lancing with Ultimate Model Management, Inc., which whom her mother (Rose Battle) holds the title as President.

Naja has worked with people throughout the industry in the field of television, film, print ads, personal photo shoots, weddings as well as self-esteem building projects for battered women shelters. Cosmetic lines she has worked with include Fashion Fair, Clinique and most recently Chanel Cosmetics, which also helped inspire her style for Yasin Beauté. Naja developed a YouTube channel in early 2011 providing videos weekly to share her techniques as an artist with others interested in learning. A percentage of sales on this website will be donated to benefit research and assistance for Cerebral Palsy and Alzheimers disease.

 "I give much thanks to God first because I would have never accomplished anything without him. I also thank my mother for helping make that first step to becoming an artist an easy one. Now I look forward to helping so many more women like myself believe they can not only talk the talk but walk the walk. Anything is Possible!"


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